I've really been enjoying this thread and don't wish to argue - I am sure Rincon is the best surfing spot of the two. But there is a really good break in San Juan called Parada Ocho or just La Ocho. It is a reef break that you paddle out to from bus stop #8 - hence the name - and it is clearly visible from Fort El Moro in Old San Juan. I am going to paste a little info on it here. For those out there with no Espanol, the article says it gets to be 12 feet when it is epic, but is often 7-8 feet. I surfed it two days in a row in December 1999. The first day it was about 6-8 ft. and the second day it was a foot or two bigger. The waves were very well formed, they were not crowded, and there was no localism. I had an awesome time both days.