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Thread: P90x

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    its a great program. i did it a little less than a year ago. chest/back, yoga, and plyo probably helped the most with my surfing. i still will pop in a dvd here and there to keep fit if im not surfing. and i base my pre surf yoga routine off the yogaX. i do a quick 10-15 minute session on the beach to loosen up before paddling out.

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    I'm on Week 5 with no dietary changes. Granted, I only eat out one or two meals and drink 6 beers per week. It definitely works. You do have to modify on those workouts that exploit existing injuries, though. I have a torn miniscus in my left knee and issues with my right wrist. So far the only tradeoff is doing Cardio X in exchange for Plyometrics. Other than that the only barriers are time and commitment. Oh, and always do the ENTIRE Yoga X routine. Yes, it's an hour and a 1/2, but your joints and flexibility will thank you.

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    I'm on week 5 as well, my normal eating habits are pretty similar so I'm not doing the diet. Do the p90x lean version, in my opinion is best for surfing. Works some flexibility and lots of core. No need to bulk up. This is the most yoga I've done in my life so far, but glad I do it now.

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    It is a heavy time committment, but sometimes I just bite the bullet and get up super early. For those of you who say that they don't think they can keep it up, very few can. The idea is that you just go for an an intense 90 days, then continue with less intense \"maintenance\" workouts for a while. Then after a break, but when you're ready, go for another 90 day round. That's what I'm hoping for. I'm trying to keep with the nutritional guidelines, though - I think they are an important piece of the program. My wife (an excellent cook) is going along with me on the program (and we're old!)
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    I did it for the 90 days and then rested for two weeks and did it 2/3 of the way through...lost 35 lbs. and gained muscle mass, i didn't follow the diet plan to a T, but i did make a concious decision to eat better and cut the beer out, (but you got to have a beer once in a while) Best workout ever and got me into Yoga. Unfortunately, this past winter I did a whole lot of nothing and drank high calorie beers and I'm almost back to being what i was before i started the program two years ago. I am having a hard time getting committed to do it every day, but after surfing a lot this week it makes me realize how much better I was at surfing when i was doing P90x. Hopefully, it will motivate me to get back to it full time. There's nothing like being in good shape, it improves every aspect of life.

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    I am a Beachbody coach and can attest to the change thats possible. first 90 days i lost 11% body fat. If interested you can always ask questions. Here is a link to my coach page...coming up on 53 this year and getting ready to start another round in about a week.

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    I totally agree--I tried P90 twice and SOMTHING both times something pulled me away around the 5th week and yes Yoga is just too long and sux. I started the "Insanity" workout and its been amazing--35 min workouts on the 1st month and 45 on the 2nd. I'm sweating and working off my core harder than ever with interval training --and the babes in the background are much better! Good luck
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    Kicks your butt. Hardest part is the time commitment. I did great for 5 weeks, then had to travel for work and broke the cycle.

    Kempbo sucks, and the yoga is too friggin long. But the Plyo! ooooh baby! Good stuff.I

    That helped my surfing the most, I just do whichever disk I'm in the mood for. Still works great!

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    As others have said the P90 can work wonders for not just your health but you're surfing. Do a 90 day session and then "maintain" by doing different workouts for a while. To get around the time commitment lately I've been doing the Spartacus workouts as a substitute and they're pretty rad. And after a few months will do the P90 again.

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    I think as long as you take the right supplements P90X is great.

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    Hard as hell. I was really surprised, these TV dvd programs always seem way too good to be true, but P90x is no joke!