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    Works good if you put the wax on straight back and forth. Go the width of the board then the length of the board or vice versa for a complete coverage. Use a large bar like sex wax for a base then use a sticky wax for the last coat since it comes in a smaller package. I wax every session in the winter cause where you gonna put a bar to take with you. Wax is temperature coded so you have to change the wax per the rise and fall of the water temps.

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    I don't think it matters much how you do it. Just get it to bead up where you need it, and don't bother where you don't. I probably wax up every other time... once it gets smooth and looses it's tack. I clean off my board when I change waxes... warm to cold, cold to warm.

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    I usually start out with circular motions at first just to get some coverage. Once you get your deck coated start going in straight lines alternating between nose to tail and rail to rail like you're making a grid. Seems to lump up pretty well for me. Reapply a little as needed. I only strip my wax a few times a year, mainly when switching from warm to cold wax and vise versa. I prefer Ms Palmers wax. Always lumps up perfect, creates plenty of traction and isnt sticky like some other waxes

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    When the water is board short temp: I put a lot of wax on the rails where my hands are when I pop up, but back off a little in the area where my legs are when I'm sitting on the board.

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    Wax on wax off, nuff said,lol. I change it about every 3 weeks if I surf alot, if not then every 3-4 months. For the winter months I use layers. I will put down a base coat of medium firmness than top it off with something very firm. I have one tuflite biscuit that I have to use a base bax then I apply a very stiff wax.

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    wax on wax off

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    I got these cheeseburgers mannnnnnn.......

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    I slap at least a little bit of wax every sesh. Sometimes I mash some in to my chest hair and rip it out before I paddle out just to toughen up.

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    I just took the wax off one of my boards today... I noticed I had a lot of junky waxy spots on the bottom of the board.... so I cleaned the bottom as well... but was wondering, would a spotty bottom of the board really slow you down on the wave???
    I didnt really notice any sluggish-ness last time I surfed....

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