I've been really considering moving to CA in a year or so. Hopefully in the san diego region. I know that a lot of people on this site have made this transition and i was hoping for some tips. I went to Anthem Tech school for Computer Networking and have 1year experience working for Comcast troubleshooting internet issues. The way I see it I have 3 options:

1. Save up 10k and move down there without a job and bust my a$$ tring to find a job.

2. Transfer to the San Fransico call center within Comcast. (Obviously the best choice, but may or may not be an option)

3. Find a job first. (How? I wouldn't even know where to start.)

What do you guys think. If you say 3. could you please explain the right way to start, and how likely it is i will find something.

I'm really looking for people with personal experience in this if possible!!! I really am hoping for some feedback here!!! Thanx in advance!!