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    Quick Question

    Hey guys whats up. Quick question I got my frist board last spring a bic 8'4. I feel I have really out grown the board and am looking for something that is a bit smaller like mid to high 7 foot range, something lighter and with a bit more performance. Do you guys have any suggestions. I was persoanlly thinking of either getting a local shaper to make me one or I was also looking at the Walden mini magic board. Any board suggestions would be great. I surf in NJ and still need a board that can support an begginer/intermidiate surfer im 6ft and weigh 165.


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    Mini Magic

    A 7'-0" Mini Magic in epoxy would not be a bad choice. I bought one for my son when he was first starting to get the hang of it and he loved it. They are made by Boardworks which is the same a Tufflight. Very light weight and durable and way better than the board you have now. I have even taken his board out several times to fool around on myself and had alot of fun, it was very responsive. Of coarse you could have a shaper custom make you a board that would work very well also. If you decide to move up to another more high performace board in the future, the epoxy will propably have a better trade-in value. Good luck with it.

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    Thanks for the info!! I have read a lot of good things about the board. I may end up going with that one.

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    Mini magic is a great choice. My friend got one this summer and it is tons of fun and easy to ride.

    The only thing I would have against having a custom board shaped is that a shaper will ask for specific measurements and shapes. If you do not have knowledge of what different aspects go into a board and how they will affect the performance, it may not be the best idea. And if you have a local shaper make you a board from one of their standard shapes, it would probably be cheaper to buy one in a store and get the same thing.

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    Thats a good call. I would have no idea what sort of dimensions or specs to give since I am still learning myself. I'll def sick with the advice you guys gave.