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    Talking Help! Firewire surfboards that fit oc break

    Hey fellow surfers! I'm looking into buying a new board thats fits the ocean city break. Something short, fat, yet still quick. I get great deals on firewire boards. Anyone have any suggestions? I'm 5' 7\", and 145 pounds. My last board was a toothpick at 5' 7\" and just wayy to thin for oc. But I still pull it out on bigger days. Thanks for your help! BTW I do know that KCoast does demos on most of their firewire boards but having some direction before I start demoing them would be fantastic.

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    a Dominator. at your height/weight, you could prob ride a 5'4" or something ridiculous like that. they gots the 5 fin setup. there are a couple variations on the dominator model as well. check their website. the site has all dims including volume per model...very helpful. plus, if you have no clue, you can post to their forum and some dude from the company actually writes you back.

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    Try the Chop Suey, lil Joe, or the Pork Frog, Chris Kelly & Sean Santigo have been really stoked on the shapes.
    check em at 7 st. surf shop, Easternlines, Kona Surf shop. you can get them Custom Shaped for your size and weight in about 4 wks!

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    Appreciate the info. I am from ocean city, MD, not ocean city, NJ. Sorry for the confusion. Also any idea if there is any difference between the FST fins and the original RF's?

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    sweet potato?

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    Screw firewire they are beat get a T. Pat.

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