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    I have a 6'3 Pintail with the Concaves & rails like a step up that I ride when the surf get Over head. Since its the East coast I wouldn't get anything over like a 6'6 for a big wave board.
    We can get big surf but Nothing that requires a Gun to use.

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    i have a 6'8 rusty pin tail id sell. i bought it used in great condition for an Indo trip like 3 years ago and used it like 3 sessions but dont see myself needing it again. im in OCNJ til april 1st. good travel board if you charge outer reefs or something but prob not so much around here.
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    Quote Originally Posted by RobG View Post
    I just picked up a used Roberts Black Thumb but its not really a step up for me, just a board for when its good. Same dimensions as my shortboard just with a pulled in round tail and different rocker/bottom contours. I was looking into getting a step up but I couldn't really justify spending the money on something that I probably won't ride very often. I went with the Black Thumb because its more versatile and should still be able to handle any big swells we get in NJ.
    Hey Rob,

    I heard great things about the Black Thumb for East Coast winter barrels but this winter has been pretty bad. How do you like that Black Thumb? Have you had a chance to test it in hollow steep surf?