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77 ford maverick. Surprisingly reliable, terrible fuel economy, ugly brown color. But I do not care. I bike to the beach when I can, drive for longer trips with other people. I make them chip in for gas so most times I'm riding for free. (gas-wise).
hahah.. had a '70 which came stock with a 120 hp 6 banger which blew up on a road trip to arizona.. replaced the motor with a 300+ hp 302 v8. gas mileage? HAH. it was $1 a gallon back then. it finally died and i scrapped it. still, i well up each time i see a maverick still cruising the streets.
now i have an 03 v6 camry xle that avgs about 20-23 with my two 9+ boards and a coffin on the roof. i drive like an idiot so that's doing ok by my book.