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    Everyone has some great cars! I have a 1999 VW Passat Wagon GLS. 1.8t 5spd, so it gets around ~30 mpg hwy and has pretty good passing power(fun to drive for a grocery getter). I drove it to Southern California and back last winter with 2 surfboards, a snowboard, bicycle, and all of my gear. I also have the Yakima set-up, but i prefer to keep my boards/gear inside. It can fit 4 bros and their boards in there semi-comfortably with 1 seat folded down.

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    2005 Toyota Matrix
    I got 34.something mpg at last fill up.
    fits my 9'8" inside

    Recently got a 2008 Honda Odyssey because I have to fit 3 car seats somewhere. Twin girls on the way...Lord help me, lol

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    1969 international scout 800A manual 3 speed transmission and a V8
    you are the winner

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    I have a 86 Volvo 4 door. It's great on gas. Runs like a top and has a nice big back seat I have a company truck so I decided to get the Volvo cause it was only $1000 bucks and I bike or walk to most places including the beach....Just living the dream....

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