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    Thanks goofyfooter for backup.GUYS im a cool kid and i came to this forum not for drama i came here to learn about surfing.kellyishater i was not riding that super surfboard i was riding my burton fish and my neptune. Goofyfooter we should go out sometime!!!

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    I recognize similar pattern and grammar in Delsurf73's posts from another forum, confident it's the same person. If so, he is 12 years old, posting from his phone. If he's guilty of anything not proof reading his posts, spelling is optional for a 12 year old but has never shown any malice to irritate the forum. After the facts were known we offered suggestions to encourage his participation that solved the problem. In his defense, he had his dad bring him to be part of the group discussion of a surfing issue several months ago so had the opportunity to meet the grom. He's a nice young man who means well although sometimes does not come across in his posts. I appreciated his surf passion to show up when so many should have didn't even bother so his heart is in the right place. If we can find it among ourselves to show some compassion confident he'll accept the advise to be part of the Swellinfo Community.


    I'm sure you don't feel comfortable confronting a Kook for his lack of surf etiquette. The best advise is to paddle in and discuss it with your Dad. You know that break and its take off so its going to be Kooky, just be safe and have fun.
    You must be old.