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    Stretch surfboards?

    Are Stretch surfboards any good??? Quality? Thinking of getting one for 399$ is that a good deal for the Rat Skate? Good board for small east coast waves?<br />thanks,<br />m

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    Stretch is a great shaper, quality work, and brilliant designs. one of my icons.

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    Quality materials, craftsmanship and design. Great board for East Coast surf. Worth what somebody's willing to pay for it.

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    I bought a used one 2 summers back 5'10 think it was a fletcher 4 fin eps tech , best board i have ever owned rode it from 1ft-8ft.. i only rode my old 6'4 on the biggest winter days that i needed a bit more paddle power and drive from the thruster fin set up.. did not break or ding at all through 1 whole year and some super heavy shallow days... i lost if off my buddies roof right after getting home from an obx trip i wana get a new one soon even if i have to order it custom for 800$ so yea grab that i found my first one used for 350$ in near perfect condition worth every penny even if i lost it.

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    i found the f-4 used in near perfect condition for $325 and it was great. i rode it almost daily last season in nica in surf from 3-10ft(faces) and it was great. my only problem with it was epoxys tend to float me too much and i cant dig my rail in as good. but overall its a great board to add to your quiver. i still ride it more than my other boards, altho i just got 3 poly customs so that will change...but i was considering getting the dimensions of the stretch in non-epoxy to see how it would perform but i went with some other dimensions i think will better suit me. anyway, id say get it for sure.

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    I got the stretch sword 6'2 from online clearance for $399 with a free bag a few months ago. Can't wait to bust it out on a big day. Tough to compete with that deal, but if I were in a better fiscal positon Id like to order from local shapers but it is what it is.

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    Btw from what I have read into them they're quality boards outta Santa Cruz.

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    thanks for all the info!

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    did you find the 4F to have enough rocker on more hollow waves? steeper drops?