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  1. Here's a shout out to John Ashton, looks like one of his boards made it into Surfer Mag, and the board is crushing it!!! Saw it in the magazine, went to John's facebook and somebody already posted it. For those that missed it here it is.

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    Eavey Surfboards: Greg Eavey
    Wilmington, NC

    Billboards: Bill Pressly
    North Carolina
    ^^^Both of these guys definitely make beautiful boards.

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    i dont have any plugs for other than eavey! awesome boards all around, great glassing very strong

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    Aug 2011
    I feel like a total piece of s**t for not mentioning this way before I would mention Jimmy Keith.

    Will Allison
    Allison Surfboards
    Wilmington, NC

    He's old school and doesn't have a proper website. But those who know, know...