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    Other water sports

    What else do you guys do when there's no surf? I spearfish, kite, and paddle which keeps me busy and having fun in any conditions. I found this site on the same sort of topic with some sick videos!

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    That site is sick! It looks new though. I freedive and can't believe how much it helps my surfing. It helps my focus and conditioning as well as being able to withstand some long hold-downs.

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    I fish a lot. Love being around the water in general. I currently live 5 minutes from the ocean, but in an area without swell. I travel about 35 minutes when there's waves foretasted. When its flat and high tide I fish for stripers/blues and tautog (sp?) from land, or go out with my pops on a 20' center console chasing schoolies/birds in the evenings after work. Just scooped up a Penn Slammer 460 reel and plan on throwing plugs withing a few weeks from now, I am pretty pumped spring is finally here.

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    Yakin' for reds

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    Carolina Beach
    Kayak and surf fish. Seems when I'm paddling around in ankle high junk, just to be in the water, fish are literally jumping over my board; I go grab a pole, and suddenly a series of nice (relatively speaking) sets start rolling in.

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    you need a rod holder in your board! :-)