I'm a girl who surfs almost every day, even in the winter and even on days that are less than perfect. I never post on this forum but enjoy reading *most* of the threads. That said, it's good to see another girl take an interest in surfing and asking for advice. Most of you are being very nice and answering. Sadly, it's true if it were a guy asking the same questions he would be called a kook which is unfortunate because everybody is a beginner at some point. Nobody paddles out for the first time knowing everything and rips it up on double overhead waves.

For the *sshole who said women should be in the kitchen - F*ck You! You probably ride a Bic Funboard in knee high white water and nose dive 9 out of 10 times. Oh, and women realize how much physical effort is involved in surfing. I bet I'm a h*ll of alot more in shape than many men on here. Women CAN and DO surf, and surf WELL. FYI there are pro women surfers in case you haven't noticed. Good luck BeyondLimits!!! So glad to hear another chick caught the stoke!!! Have fun!