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  1. New RI daily Report

    I usually find myself checking multiple spots almost daily so I figured why not just take some pictures and let people know what I see. The cams in Rhode Island, west of the bay, dont give a great perspective (with the exception of the omist cam when its working) and they do no justice with swell condition IMO. <br /><br />So use it if you choose, there may not always be pictures (because it wasn't good enough to drive to multiple locations), and there may only be one spot featured (if its good at the first place I check, I'm paddling out) but there will always be a clean simple report with no scientific jargon.

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    Nov 2011
    Newport, Rhode Island, United States
    awesome thanks alot, I moved to Newport but I still love my western ri breaks more so much more variety. Can usually tell from the direction and wind but still never stops you from getting skunked and this will help me when I'm doubting wether or not to go over the bridge.

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    should be very helpful to many, thanks, much appreciated

  4. I appreciate the support... if there is anything I can do to make it better let me know