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Thread: crabbing

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    Does anyone have experience with crabbing, more specifically in the VB area? I am looking to start and was wondering if these warm water temps (57 right now) will bring them in early this year. Greatly appreciate any info.

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    There is definitely some good crabbing to be found around here. Really it's all about where you go. My buddy and I were talking about doing some serious crabbing this year too so when i find out what he knows Ill fill you in

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    Aug 2011
    What kind of crabbing are you trying to do? Set pots, quick traps, chicken line or noodle for them? Also are you going for Blue or Stone?

    Generally blue crabs hold deep during cold seasons, you usually see them get more shallow (7-4') when the temp gets in the higher 60's on up. Right now, you probably need to set pots in water over 10' deep if you want anything to show for your efforts. I don't know what the laws in Va are, but in NC I have to have a commercial/rec special license to set pots, then I am still limited to how many I can set. In NC you can set one pot tied to a dock with just a recreational fishing license.

    I don't go after stone crabs too much, I really only get them when they make their way into a pot set for Blues.