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    Don't trust surf racks. Consider the damage they can do if one comes off your car & the liability you could face if one ever does. I probably have this phobia from growing up in the 70's when surf racks were made our of metal chain wrapped in plasic tubing. They are probably safe if used correctly, but be careful.

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    i try to put them on sideways. That way if you go fast enough, you can get take flight.
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    I have this Inno rack and I have to say, it takes all the guess work out of strapping your board on your car. It also locks which makes it great if you are grabbing a bite to eat after your need to worry about somebody vicking your boards. As long as we are talking about speed, I have had it up to 80 without even a vibration from the board or rack....but there is really no need to go that fast. If you want to do it right and you use yor rack almost exclusively to surf, I would recommend this highly.

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    Less frontal over hang the better.....You can get locking staps and or attachments to properly secure your board. Inno makes a good one for Thule racks.

    Yakima also makes a set of 12' straps that lock.

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    this thread is pathetic