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Thread: Moronic Threads

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    You can never leave, and you know it:

    And when you do see a post you don't like, don't comment on it, but rather react privately, and briefly the way I do, and move on. It's just a forum:

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    Woah wait. Why am I being bundled in with reasons you do not view this forum as good anymore??
    Quote Originally Posted by beachbreak View Post
    most of us older veteran posters got crabby and gave up,when matt was removed and yankee went wild and then gruvi showed up.since then southside's not a good forum anymore,but at one point there was a good handful of years it was mostly excellent

  3. Quote Originally Posted by Erock View Post
    That's how serious I am, man. Seriously serious about seriously doing this serious business of posting on the interwebs.

    if you were serious it would have been 30.....