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    Just drive down to Wrightsville and surf there, plenty of younger girls out in the lineup. Problem solved.

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    i am a male but i am offended at some of these sexist comments such as "is it that time of the month?" or "relax, honey." do u have something against women? respect the opposite sex. say that to some chick in a bar and what happens? u hope they dont have some muscle-bound, marine boyfriend, thats what.
    seriously, what do you get out of pissing people off online? too scared to say this stuff in the real world? i bet ur the type that drives slow in traffic and then speeds up when people try to pass. someone new to the forum comes along trying to learn to surf so you berate them and then get mad because they got at mad what u said.

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    I don't care where any of you live, how hard you rip, or what kind of board you ride. This girl posted something simple and non threatening.

    "hey! looking for a couple girls to hit the water so new to surfing its sad...i lived in hawaii for 3 years and never picked up a board..can you feel my regret over the internet? lol.. lets go girls, i know there are a couple out there"

    What she got was a bunch of Male chauvinist pigs responding being ass@#**s. To the few of you who tried to answer her question in a respectful manner, that's how it should be. As far as the your post goes, I would agree that may-be try surfing in WB or stop into some of the shops around WB/Wilmington.....There are quite a few girl surfers around who rip and have fun. Good luck.

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    I stayed in jacksonville for 2 weeks. I surfed emerald isle and top sail. They are good waves for beginners.

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    Please dont take honey out of context. Its endearing. As for that time of the month, thats real life. I see it once a month. Im offended that youre offended. Via con dios mi amigos.

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    If you're in Jacksonville then take the trip to Shackleford Banks and surf off of that island. You'll have your own ponies...