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Thread: addicted

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    What's your screen name? We should play together. I just prestiged for the first time, you're probably way better than me.

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    best idea to get take your attention away from it is to build something, repayr some boards or build just about anything. i used to lovee mw3 lol then i reached highschool and immidiatly stoped hahah

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    Its funny because I can relate to this a lot. I used to play Xbox for hours on end every day when I would come home from either class or football practice. I was 10th prestige in MW2 and I’m 7th in MW3. I love video games, however its all about balance, when you find yourself isolated from everything playing hours and hours until your eyes hurt or you can't sleep, you should really work on limiting yourself. The best way to think about it is that what do you get out of playing MW3?.. besides temporary enjoyment uncontrollable frustration and anger... Nothing, the time you spend playing MW3 you could be doing something way more productive; teaching yourself some new skills, building something.. Who knows anything! In a couple more months what will MW3 be? Just another video game that’s part of another franchise that doesn't matter anymore.. No one will care about how good your K/D or W/L ratio is... It will end up being a huge waste of time. In the end, what you need to do is stay off your xbox for a week or so (that 10 day break will help) and put video games in perspective with reality. You will realize that its just an unnecessary time killer. I'm not saying don't play ever again, but keep a solid balance between everything in your life i.e family, work, friends, and all that other good stuff. I'm trying to act like I know everything or pretend to be a psychiatrist being that I'm 19, just trying to help a brotha out.

    Good Luck !

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    I agree with everyone who said to get rid of the xbox. If you have any relatives or family friends who don't have any video games, give it to them, you'll be somebody's hero. If you have no idea who to give it to, put it up for sale on craiglist, youll get a fair amount for it.

    Then with the time you spent playing video games, start doing P90x or read a book. You mentioned you had a family, I'd suggest spending time with the wife or kids. Even if you don't say anything just being around to listen helps. If your kids act like they don't want you around, stick around anyway because it makes a difference. When I was 19 I went a year and a half without seeing my parents. During the time I went without seeing them I starting regretting all the times when I'd ignore them and go do my own thing. When I finally came home, I had a better understanding of all the work my parents had put in to raise me and my brothers. I'd spend all evening just sitting in the kitchen listening to what my mom had to say.

    I'm sharing this because during my teenage years, I'd find anything to do besides come home. I wish I'd spent more time with my parents and brothers. I hope anyone who reads this doesn't make the same mistake

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    My screen name is
    Send me an invite
    Today i only played 1 hr!!!

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    sheeeett man go swampin

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    Get an old board and fix some dings. Between youtube and actual repair work you wont have too much extra time. Also teaching the kids how to surf is a noble venture.

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    exercise, repair boards, p90x thats great during the day , but I cant image any of you sitting on your couch at 10pm with a board and some fiberglass