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    Wetsuit Warranty

    Yesterday while trying to zip my 4/3 quiksilver chest zip, the zipper became unaatached to the opposite side, making it impossible to zip. I know some suits come with a warranty but I'm not sure if this one did or if its still in effect because I've had this suit for over a year. More importantly, is it fixable and where can it be done. If not I'm writing in to quik cause ive only worn the suit less than 10 times (anyone have success by doing this?). Any input is appreciated, thanks.

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    just write to quicksilver, if you have your receipt they will fix it, heck probably if you dont have your receipt they will fix it.

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    No experience with Quiksilver, but like a2tall said most of the major manufacturers tend to be stand-up about this sort of thing, within reason. They want your repeat business and no one's gonna buy their stuff if they have to replace it every year. I has a seam fail on an O'Neill after about a year of use and they fixed it up better than new with no questions asked. If you have your receipt, I would include though.

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    They'll probably fix it regardless of receipt attached because it is their chance to score points with a customer. Make sure to tell them how much you love their gear and that you were very surprised of the breakage. Good customer relations is vital these days.

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    Just contact with Quiksilver they will fix it. I had same experience with a wetsuit with something broken and my wetsuit was older than a year but I just sent it to them and they returned it to me fixed.

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    I have sent suits back numerous times- I always include a letter... how much i love the suit... your company rocks.... then they send the suit back fixed. I have yet to be charged except for shipping on my end. only once did I include the receipt and they sent it back to me, I don't even think they looked at the receipt...

    A friend of mine did have his zipper fixed at a 'luggage/shoe' repair place years ago, but I don't think those kinds of places are still around...

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    I contacted Quik recently about a split in the back of my suit (which is really old BTW, but has been a great suit).

    Here is what they emailed me:

    "The cell suits have been discontinued for over 3-4 years now. You can send the wetsuit back to us for a repair at no charge with proof of purchase. Please ensure the wetsuit is clean and dry.

    Quiksilver Wetsuit Repair
    15202 Graham Street
    Huntington Beach CA 92649

    Please include your contact information (name, address, phone # and a copy of the receipt or gift receipt) and brief note of the issue. Packages with insufficient information will be returned. Also indicate the size.

    ****The Warranty/Repair process can vary from 2-4 weeks****..."

    Like others have said, they will probably do the repair even without the receipt. Just ask them. here's the email address.

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    I broke a zipper on my matuse, filled out a service form, and stapled a $20 bill to it. They fixed the suit and the guy who grabbed the 20 even sent me a text saying thanks.