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    Onshore/sideshore, 2-3ft with lots of wind gusts like today in VB, I'll go out if I haven't gone out in more than two weeks. If I have a spell like that I just get in the water anyway just to get it out of my system.

    VB is rough man, we miss out on a lot of swell because of where we are and how it faces. The swell window misses out on any of what I call the "in-betweeners" which are the wind swells from the south or southeast that can at least give a ridable and fun surf. I turn to other physical outdoor activities during the down days.

    With that said, this area still has a lot of rippers given the inconsistency of swell. Makes me realize how much dedication the young kids who grew up here have, and how they've managed to take their surfing to pretty decent levels in such a wave starved place.

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    A. 1st street tends to be more consistant then most jersey breaks due to its direction.
    B. I wouldn't call North winds side-shore for this particular spot
    C. Its also one of the few spots in jersey that plays nice with high tide.
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    I would have gone out if i didn't have class all day man. Anytime it's 2-3 and decent out, I'm at 1st street or croatan. I have fun on those day's because i just bring my fun board out and mess around. Maybe try practicing going switch or just doing something goofy while your riding. I just try to mix it up. Learning to go switch is like completely learning how to surf again. It's fun haha

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    Perception. Spending a chunk of my years in VB makes me still willing to ride about anything. Almost a blessing in a weird way. Where I live now everyone expects perfection...most guys don't paddle out till its well overhead & offshore. Most don't want to travel for surf beyond a few easy access spots even though it will be strait going off 10 minutes down the road... I mean for reals lazy (the island is only 30 miles long). Example: Today I rode HH side/off kinda closing out with less than ten people at the most easy access and most surfed spot on the island 'cuz conditions weren't "good enough". Epic no. A barrel? Yes. My buddy (also a long time VBer) was finding launch sections. In fact 2 of maybe the other 6 people out were from.... VB. Summers here are "flat" only because no one wants to ride consistent knee to chest high barreling waves or drive the 4 miles to the other side of the island to ride a shifty HH+ light onshore reef setups. I have NO PROBLEM with these either things... I surf almost everyday...Almost a blessing in a weird way to have low standards and high stoke.
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    I agree. I get nothing out of 1-2 foot with 20 knot plus offshore winds. Same situation here. I think a lot of the people out there have not travelled much and experienced good quality waves otherwise if you have experienced good waves on a regular basis why would be out in that crap. Hey I hope they have fun but it looks like no fun to me.

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    Depends on if there's something better to do... and there usually is. I'm not going to put off things I know I need to get done so I can paddle around and try to catch a few thigh high sideshore lumpers. Especially in mid March. I'm more likely to put things off if it's got some size and the wind's wrong, or it's small and clean. But small AND the wind's wrong? Not for me. For me that's a waist of time.

    But in the summer, I always keep a set of fins in the truck, and I'll go swim into a few after work pretty much on a daily basis if there's anything at all.
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    Lee - Isnt the other side of the jetty protected? I'd rather surf clean and tiny than so choppy the texture is bigger than the swell![/QUOTE]

    for some reason the surf report always says that, but a 6' high jetty doesn't offer up as much wind protection as they claim. To hide behind that thing you would be right up on the rocks fighting both the out current and the drift to stay in the zone. As soon as you sat still you would be in sandbridge.

    Milton De, home of the dogfish. I always stop there, or the rehobo one, on the way two / from NY. I'll pm you next time and bring a board.

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    here is where I have been mentally all winter: I took a trip to PR in november and seriously scored. All week, all over that rock. Then I came back to a flat december. One day I saw some waves on the gaydar and took off work early to hit it up. I'm out there, at the pier, about stomach high, gusty off/ side shores, fighting the current, and the cold. Kids are amped, but my attitude was f*ck this place. Weeks before I was surfing blue water reefs in trunks with a rum buzz, trying to stay focused on the set lining up and not the big round tan booties all over the place. I ended up spending the winter on my snowboard and in the garage. I havn't surfed in like a month. F*cking pathetic. Hopefully we will get some action this spring and get me back in the groove.

    stranded in smithfield I hear ya, traveling is probably what spoiled me as well. Good on you for going somewhere and staying. Smithfield is sweet if you are an old fat lady. Ha, I have probably run into you at some point, I have some old friends from those parts, if the names Quincy and Ryland ring a bell.

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    i'm like the old lion, im not about to waste my energy unless its a sure thing.

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    I agree with Pumpmaster, the older I get, the less I want to put forth the energy for 1 to 3 foot and heavy winds, especially in cold weather. When I was 18, it was a different story!