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    Whiskey Returns?

    Bought a wetsuit from whiskey in July 2010, it now has some holes and lets water in. I'm passed the Xcel warranty, but when I log on to whiskey's site it allows me to return it for a Refund? seems a bit crazy, and I kinda feel bad since i got a great deal... what do you guys think

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    Save yourself the trouble.. either buy a new suit or by neoprene cement

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    if its on the seam, xcel will probably fix it for nothing, or at least cheap. they did for free in my case. they said it was defective. but if just small holes, not defective seams, not on the seam, as mentioned, by neoprene cement. i just patched a few holes on my 4/3, but to be extra safe i had my pops sew em up with super strong thread, then patched over that with the cement.

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    go to a dive shop, if it's a simple fix they'll do it for free.. i went to the shop right before the bridge in avon, they fixed my hood.. i'd go on a sunday tho, the guy who works then is super helpful.

    plus, you wont have to pay for shipping

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    if they're allowing you to refund it i don't see why not..

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    I'm pretty sure they have only a 30 day return policy.