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Thread: Board Art

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    Board Art

    Hey gents. got a question about adding art to a board. If the board is already done (completely glassed and sitting in the shop waiting for my broke a.s.s. to finish making payments on it) how should I go about adding art to it? My little brother is really damn good at using paint, markers, you name it and he's good with it. Anyway, could he just take markers or paint to it and it would be good to go or would I have to have it get it glassed again after he was done? Thanks for the help guys.

    O P.S. if you ever want some sick graffiti/pictures/art ideas for your boards, hit me up. I can have my brother do some sketches/designs to see if you like them. here's a little sample of his work. feel free to check it out.

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    You could use paint pens, ect,, on the the surface of the board. at bare minimum use krylon clear coat spray and apply miniumum 3 coats to the board to seal it. costs about 10 for 2 cans. or you can re hotcoat the board. but the krylon clear coat will last for a good amount of time.

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    i do all of my own boards with markers and krylon clear coat. it holds up fine.