I'm about to get married and will probably find myself in a similar situation one day. But luckily, my fiance understands my needs and she encourages me to go surf whenever I tell her there is potential swell out there. She actually bought me my last long board, and last year she bought me my SUP, so she's awesome to say the least. I know she wouldn't be fond of me flying somewhere solo for a week long trip, but the thing is, she prefers to go with me everytime, even though she doesn't really surf, she just likes to go along for the ride and hang out. As long as I don't leave her stranded on the beach by herself for 4 hours straight we're good, so i just make a day out of it and have like 3-4 sessions, and no complaints. So, my suggestion if she's not cool with the idea of you going alone is bring her with you, but just be sure to not forget she's there, cause i know how easy it is to lose track of time out there.