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    Quote Originally Posted by RobG View Post
    A lot of times I can't get my wetsuit on, it's like this race for me to get my suit on and get out before it gets dark and I never make it in time. Man I hate those dreams, must have something to do with our internal fear of missing a good swell or something
    I've been having those dreams my whole life. They never go away. And I think you nailed it... They say dreams are about your hopes or fears. It's that haunting feeling of missing surf that plagues us all to our soul.

    And not being able to get you suit on... does it feel like you're moving in clay? Punch a ball of clay and it doesn't make a deep dent. Poke it slowly wit your finger and it goes way deep. In my dreams the harder I try to move, the slower I get.

    So... what do you thing that means? I think it means... "don't try too hard. Just let it be what it is. You can't make there be waves... they come when they come."
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