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    To the guys that are having the vivid dreams. Do you get to sleep in on the reg or wake up with an alarm clock. I wake up with an alarm clock before 6 each morning and I think I'm missing the dream state I could experience if I slept in more.

    Anyone try lucid dreaming? Supposedly you can understand you're in a dream and take control.
    you know i have to use an alarm clock to get out of bed and i have it set for the radio to come on. it has happened before where the radio or my cell phone alarm will become a part of my dream. it might seem to you that you're missing out on the dream stages because when the alarm goes off, we wake up and get into our morning routine and this takes our mind off the dream and we forget unless it was a significantly impacting dream. i usually forget dreams i have when i wake up early unless something that happens during the day reminds me of the dream. ive had times where ill wake up and think about how absurd the dream was that I just had, but later during the day i won't remember what i dreamt about.

    and yeah ive done lucid dreaming, it's not really anything special. I think the only good one was the dream i had where i was surfing. just a couple days ago i had a lucid dream that was pretty scary. i was running down the street and i was looking at the houses and saw a house i lived in as a child on my street and I realized I was dreaming. at that instant, my first thought was if im dreaming that means im still in bed and i have to wake up or else ill be late for work, but no matter how hard i tried i couldnt wake up and i started to panic and feel trapped. in my dream i was running around asking people if they knew how to wake me up. its funny because in my dream there was a car parked on the street and i had already realized i was dreaming so i thought this is my dream, i want to drive this car so i tried the handle and it was locked and then i reasoned, i have to figure out how to wake up, i dont have time to fool around

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    Ha Ha...when did the ladies on line start scrolling down the right side of the page.