bad karma brothers and sisters.

I went back and had some fun this afternoon,......but a few bad apples ruined the fun to some extent.

While I was taking pictures around Area 51, two young assholes stole my board and the surfboard leash of Colin Herlihy.

I would say they were between 16 to 19, drove they own car, and most likely are around this area,...most likely.

You know it is only three days before xmas? It is more the principle of the whole thing really.

I have left that same board twice by accident at some of the main breaks locally and it was always returned. But here we are right in the water and these little punks steal it like it was fun/funny? Hope I never see someone with it :lol: , talk about getting smashed bad, underage or not.

The board is one of a kind, bought in 03 on the north shore. It was broke however, -->the reason why I was using it at Area 51, so the value was next to nothing, but it is the principle of it. If it is used at any of the local breaks it will be seen most likely.

The board is an all black custom x c4 41 inch, with a blue wrist leash. The board has a huge crease across the middle center of the board.

The really bad part is that I had my camera setting jacked up the entire time, ....crap.... I hate it when I do that :blink: :angry:

If you hear about or see a board like the one I spoke of give a shout out please.