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  1. Cool Road trip ideas

    Whats up guys and girls! Looking for a little feedback.
    Getting ready to to take a surf/ moto road trip here with in the next 2 weeks depending on the forecast. I know I'm gonna go from north jersey and work my way to Daytona beach were I have friends. I got my truck set up pretty sweet to sleep out of so I don't have to get a hotel every night. Just to save a few bucks. I'm thinking mybe go for 6 days or so. So far I figured to just cruise straight through to Florida and work my way back. Im gonna bring my log, my fatty fish and my shorty and of course my honda 450 tht way i have all my bases covered. I have some what of a game plan but any good feed back from u guys would be sweet!😊

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    If your gonna drive 1000 miles, go another 50-100 and head further south than Daytona...
    IMO some of the best waves in Florida start south of Daytona at Ponce Inlet, and then Walton Rocks/Stuart Rocks area. Water temps at stuart will be 5-10 warmer than Daytona, and with the rocky bottoms, the waves seem to have more punch. Daytona is super mushy.

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    Mitchell right about the mush in Daytona, since your staging there if any swell turns on, take South Atlantic to Northside of Ponce Inlet (Jetty) or step into Mad Dog Surf Shop as you pass it on your way, the owner super nice with local info. New Smyrna, about a 45 minute drive around Ponce Inlet, worth the drive over D's mush, find Nichol's surf shop on Flagler Ave follow Flager to the sand turn left to south side of Ponce Inlet (Jetty). Ponce Inlet area a little sharky do to all the fishing industry inside the Inlet but don't worry if any swell is working plenty of legs in the water.

  4. thanks for the feed back guys!