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    another thing, if you're on an SUP and aren't that good be careful. rincon gets super crowded but is gringo'd up enough. if you head to aguadilla or to the north coast with it. you may get hassled if you don't know what you're doing. if you try to take more waves than you should (at jobos, that can pretty much be every set wave), they will probably call you out of the water. you'll probably be okay but fair warning if the boys are in the water. if you get called out..leave. no lip just hit the road.

    one of the real concerns you should have is driving. it can be pretty balls to the walls and anything goes type a deal. be super vigilant and charge. watch out for death potholes..especially that **** on the 110 by the hp plant. you'll get full on airborne on that one. also locating surf spots can be a hassle if you dont know how to get there... especially in aguadilla.
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    I second what leethestud wrote. Look for the boils and surf where there are other people in the water until you become familiar with the area. While it may seem inviting to surf the empty break, there is usually a reason for it being empty. Being a Jerseyite, I think the water clarity is deceiving and makes the water look shallower than it really is. This also freaked out my son when he surf Marias for the first time. I too have taken many lefts too far at Marias and end up on the shallow section. But then I was a goofy foot at a right hand break and couldn’t resist.
    All reefs are not the same. At Bathsheba in Barbados, Parlors and Soup Bowls are the main breaks. Soup Bowls is a hollow wave while Parlors is a mellower wave. I found Barbados to have better channels to use for paddling out than PR.
    If you can handle the east coast when the waves are pitching out over the bar, you'll do fine.

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    Quote Originally Posted by DawnPatrolSUP View Post
    Those all seem like common sense, I'll most likely being hitting up Maria's and Domes. I've heard they are some of the more forgiving spots
    Domes isnt a reef break....mostly sand bottom as i recall. There are "hazards" at Domes but of the human variety and mostly on weekends.

    Maria's is reefy and the shallower parts are easy to spot. Get a long right and you end up kicking out right near some pistons from an old motor sticking up out of the water at low tide, and barely submerge at high. Definately watch out for that!

    Be careful paddling out...its pretty easy to duck dive some inside slop and crack the nose of your board on a coral head or rock sticking up.

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    Quote Originally Posted by DawnPatrolSUP View Post
    Those all seem like common sense, I'll most likely being hitting up Maria's and Domes. I've heard they are some of the more forgiving spots, but that's all relative i'm sure. Sandy Beach is also nearby, which i've heard is a combination of beach break and reef. I surf short / long boards, but also SUP, so i'm sure it all depends. Is most of the issues in the shore pound / shallow area? When I surf the SUP do you think this is as much an issue?
    Common sense is often under-rated. Just use it and you will be fine most of the time. Avoiding the urchins is usually the most problematic, thus the first aid kit.

    For the record, I have never hit the reef at Soup Bowls or Duppies and have surfed both in a variety of swells up to 9' and have eaten **** on many occasions. The only place I have truly planted on the reef in the 'Dos is at South Point on one of those freak right wedges.

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    domes reef is super mellow, i got slammed onto it once and it was fairly flat

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    mostly good advice, some not so good...I like the part about the hazards being the human variety.
    And I disagree about domes not being a reef break...check the photo...these breaks here are what I would call 'random reef breaks'. Almost all are flat rock bottom, some with urchins in the little holes, some with a sprinkling of sand on them. Most if them break in deep enough water so hitting the bottom is not a concern--it is rare, but it can happen.
    Like I said before, sup's have a hard time getting back out on good days because channels are hard to find and stay in. Live here a while and you'll be a paddler!
    Here's one thing I've matter where you surf on this island, if you can get just 30 ft. away from the next surfer, you'll always get a wave, and it'll prolly come right to you. That's the beauty of 'random reef' surf. Waves are refracting around these points and they come in at random places.
    Don't worry about the urchins...but don't follow just anyone into and out of the water b/c lots of people are being cool and think they know where to enter/exit. I've seen a lot of people lately just walk onto rock/urchin shelfs thinking it's safe...doh!

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    Look down. The water's pretty clear.

    Snorkel when it's flat.

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    thanks so much for the info. ill be surfing in rincon next week and it looks like there is going to be some swell on thursday, I'm so ready to finally surf some good waves!

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    If you are going to PR to surf reef for the first time stay away from Dead Mans, Indicators, and Table Rock for sure. I would suggest you have some experience with reefs before trying these spots. Stick with Marias and you will be ok. Remember to fall flat, do not go head or feet first into the water. If you need to rent a board, Clemente has the best surf rental equipment in the area. Much cheaper than paying the airline to damage your board. Green Room Surfboards.

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    Don't follow the puerto ricans back in. they are immune to the urchins and laugh at whitey getting eaten up