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Thread: Monday AM

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    Jettylife, I'll be there 8to 9ish, won;t be in the water, just on the beach with tripod because I'm a lazy ass, but I'll be there nonetheless,

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    got to the beach this morning at 8AM, checked sea girt it was packed. drove north, south end spring lake looked really good, belmar looked packed and terrible. at 9:00 went to north end springlake, got some mackers, slightly overhead super hollow, got 5 or 6 real good waves, and started getting ice cream headache, the current was a *****. then i was getting a little chilly. i take off on a big set wave, it starts sucking up, i barely made the drop pull in to a big overhead barrel, no real chance of making it out, got really deep thought i *might* then BLAM got my clock cleaned. just worked me. i had to go in

    i just went back to check the waves before dark but i think im gonna wait till tomorrow

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    I went out at Sea Girt. It was like 5-8ft. Barreling like crazy. Pretty warm too. Looks good for tomorrow.

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    what time did you surf sea girt?