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    Thanks for the pics and info Tom, I enjoy getting info from the shapers doing the more out of the box type stuff.

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    Heck yeah man! That is a beast!

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    Another top quality board Mr. Mahady. Beautiful. Is that your Lineup Killer model scaled up or a fresh template? Also is the board designed to be ridden as a 5 finner or a convertable?

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    It sounds like you don't want to mess with Gene.

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    I grew up with Geno and I know he is going to be stoked with this board. I saw the last one he got from you and it was really nicely made.

    Ihatelongboarders - hopefully you were just joking. You obviously have never seen or met Gene. The guy is 6'3 260 lbs of pure muscle and without a doubt someone you would not want to mess with. He was a semi-pro hockey player for years and I have seen him first hand drop guys on and off the ice with a single punch. He is pretty mellow now however and one of the nicest guys you will ever meet. Anyway - great job shaping an AWSOME big boy board for QUIGZ.


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    Gene came to the shop tonight and picked it up, the look on his face was priceless. I'm honored to have him ride my boards
    This is a new model I came up with and yes you can ride it as a 5 fin, quad or thruster, I put on larger fins so when Gene buries the rail he won't slide out when it gets big