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Thread: West Florida

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    Quote Originally Posted by ihatelongboarders View Post
    if you bring a board down there for shoulder high onshore mushburgers you are going to be so pissed.

    - former 3 year west florida local
    hahaha yes! he tells like it is. ihate hahahahaha JOHNNYTOOBAD
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    Check out YOLO in captiva. They rent boards. Typical epoxy type rentals but better than nothing. Surfed Captiva about a dozen times. I too have surfed blind pass on a thigh high perfect long board lefts a bunch of years ago. Most other times were chop suey.

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    Quote Originally Posted by DawnPatrolSUP View Post
    It all depends on where the swell is going to hit and the wind direction. I grew up on the Gulf and have found that Venice Jetty is the best wave around for Gulf standards if the conditions are right. Captiva Island has it's days too, but Venice Jetty typically is a bit larger and a bit more clean than anywhere else you'll find within driving distance. I spend most my time on the East Coast these days but I've had several fun sessions down there already this year so I hope you score. If it's good enough, I may even drive down (only an hour from me)
    I grew up surfing by clearwater beach. Lots of sand key and St. Pete beach. Venice by far is my favorite. The best I have scored was back During hurricane Wilma, 2005. Im 18 now, i was 11 years old and sense that day i still have not seen double over head walls ( for a 6 foot man ) roll through the west coast of Florida. By then I have already been to Costa Rica with my father and been to Cali and surfed with Jesse Timm and Kevin Connelly, my father has surf films with them, its the going with the flow series. So by then Ive had some Experience in heavier waves, So me coming back to the west coast surfing double over head here compared to cali and costa double over head, I never had more fun in my life. best experience on the west coast for me by far

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    so much name dropping, so little space.