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    Please check us out...

    We have room those days.. email me and I'll give you guys a killer deal. Everything you've asked for is close. Have another beginner at the camp the same time. Good breaks close to the house for both beg and advanced

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    You might want to check out Witch's Rock Surf Camp. My daughter and I just got back. They have beginners, intermediate and advanced groups, board rental is included, and if yo uwant to do other stuff besides surf, that is available, too. Joe Walsh is a great guy - he owns and runs the place, and Robert August is always around to give a board shaping demonstration or have a beer with you. I have surfed at Hermosa, Jaco, Guiones and with Witch's Rock - my favorite is Guiones, but if you want a place for a beginner and other stuff to do, you can't beat Witch's Rock. Plus teh advanced group at WRSC gets at least one day at Witch's Rock and Ollie's Point. The day we went to Witch's it was 5-7 ft and very clean.

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    PS - and bring a spring suit - the off shore wind at Witch's Rock can be howling and it causes an upwelling from the deepre waters. I would have given a lot just to have a springsuit out there with me the day I was there and I understand that is the case quite often.

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    Fly into Liberia and stay in Tamarindo, she can surf the tamarindo breaks... have some fun with the nightlife, and you can take croc excursions or take a boat out to witchs rock from the local guides in tamarindo.

    for bigger waves, you have Playa grande right there, or yall can take a taxi / rent car down south a bit and hit up all of those breaks.

    I will be doing all of this in June, and also hitting up Playa Negra of course. Can't miss that break

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    What is the typical cost difference for an airline ticket that lands in San Jose vs Liberia? $100, 200?

  6. all this info is tits! thanks everyone for the assistance, really appreciate getting the heads up. in case anyone was wondering we're going to be staying 5 min walk from the beach in longosta about 10 -15 min walk on the beach from tamarindo, when you are booking last minute people will give you a killer deal as opposed to letting there place go unrented for the week. a buddy of mine caught wind of the trip and now he and his girlfriend are going to be joining us. we havent decided on a rental or not. i need to look into how much a taxi or shuttle to and from the airport in liberia would be and compare that to what it would cost to have a car for the week. will also be looking into whether or not we could piggy back the surf camps to get transport to some better breaks if we dont have a vehicle. would love to hit all the spots 1.5 hours away or less that you all were naming. super pumped for this trip.
    mclovin i only saw a $10.00 difference to fly to liberia so that was a no brainer for me. but again my booking is all last minute deal stealing mentality. not a good choice if you like to plan things to a T.
    if anyone has anything else they'd like to share about this area please send it over. many thanks to all

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    we stayed at the posiedon. the guy at the desk can help you get a zipline deal that is like 10 minutes away and looks over the jaco area.

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    Jaco for first timers

    If you are flying into San Jose, and you have a limited time, Jaco is your best choice. Jaco is a good learning spot for her and over the hill is Hermosa, if you have good skills.
    Jaco breaks with the rising tide, so you can plan your day around the surf. Manuel Antonio Park is 2 hours away for great animal viewing. There are very good ziplines and atv tours with in a few minutes of town, good food, fun bars and cheap places to stay. Rent a car from Target rent a car in San Jose, real good people, you do not need a 4x4, but the price is about the same. You can rent excellent boards in Jaco, leave your board at home. Been twice top Jaco and once to Tamarindo. Tamarindo is great, surf is limited in town , but 15 minutes away is Avellanas, or Playa Grande. but unless you fly into Liberia $$$$ it is a 5 hour= drive to Tamarindo.

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    This is your man for everything!

    The guy who owns this company is Don - he is 1 man show, very cool, trustworthy, and is the source for any info you might want. He is local to Tamarindo. We did a trip to Ollie's / Witches with him, and we paid as much as a 1/2 day everywhere else for a full day (fully legit w/ permits and such too). I guess the fact he is a ripping surfer helped that day...considering it was going off! For the zip-lines definitely do the canopy / canyon tour up at Rincon. It's the closest volcano to Tamarindo, and only about 2 hr drive max (it's pretty close, just the roads are SLOW getting up there).

  10. Check out this place

    A Buddy of mine from LBI owns and runs the show here ... his name is Torr and his parents own Chegg on LBI and is a really great kid! A few of my buddies went down around New Years and loved it! definitely some great waves in that area too!

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