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Thread: Womens Surfing?

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    dont know about the pros but watchin girls paddle out in the summer ahhh the veiw.

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    those girls have more balls than pretty much everyone in. I haven't any pics of anyone in this forum getting whipped into massive chopes or paddling out at huge cloudbreak. Hell, I doubt anyone in here WOULDN'T have their tail tucked between their legs (myself included) when sitting in the line up of 25ft pipe. Sure there aren't as many fireworks as mens surfing, but next time you're watchin a girls heat, look over at your chica and ask her if she'd paddle out in some of the sh*t they surf.

    Don't you ever put the wnba and womens surfing in the same sentence ever again. The wnba is an abomination.

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    Quote Originally Posted by njsurfer42 View Post
    women's pro surfing has come lightyears in the last 10-15 years, it's unbelievable. thanks to women like lisa anderson, layne beachley, etc...who really pushed their envelope. plus, the girls today are easier on the eyes. for those of you who think you'd be able to go up against them, stop kidding yourself. even alana, who i think is probably the least impressive (in her surfing) would wipe the floor w/ most non-pro men, & you wouldn't stand a chance against someone like coco ho or tyler wright.
    Hell, just the performance level increase in the last 3 yrs has been impressive.

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    Carissa Moore beat some guys in a competition over the winter

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    Stephanie Gilmore came out to Jacksonville last summer during a hurricane swell and I happened to be out at the same beach. She is unbelievable! We have some pretty good surfers down here both male and female and she stood out big time. I respect and like women's surfing. Watching beautiful girls surf gracefully doesn't suck in my humble opinion.

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    Deffinitly not near the same level as mens surfing which is dissappointing. I personallly believe that surfing is the one sport that woman have an equal chance at excelling at. I think the skill difference is just due to the fact that men in general are much more competetive then woman are. When we've got so many more trying ofcourse our best surfers are gonna be better then the women's best.

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    monyca bryne wickey is a huge babe