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    Cool Kelly slater's air in the Final

    Did anybody else see that?

    That has to be the biggest air I have ever seen somebody land.

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    I couldnt watch it last night. Recap pls? Was it between him and Mick Fanning?

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    That was a crazy final..I think the judges favored Fanning.

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    watching live 2:30 am it was crazy to see how much Kelly was bugging out. Mcfanning comboed him, and had the crowd cheering, and Kelly was wiping out on majority of his waves. when he did that air it was an all or nothing scenario just like New york. for those that missed it
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    just watching that vid you would have thought that slater won....

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    Quote Originally Posted by MFitz73 View Post
    just watching that vid you would have thought that slater won....
    Mick caught the bigger waves and on his scoring waves pulled three turns on the Bells Bowl where most people were getting two. He also had a flow to his surfing that Kelly didn't have. Though I think Kelly's air should have scored a 15 on level of difficulty and execution. On Kelly's 8.07 wave with the carving 360, if he didn't get caught up in the lip while doing that maneuver, I think he would have scored in the 9 range and won the final.

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    kelly won that heat

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    That may well be the sickest air I've ever seen pulled off....good god, Slater is a beast.

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    slater i feel was robbed. either way, surfing at that level at his age, wouldnt be surprised if he won the title again this year with the way he is surfing.

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    Slater won that heat.