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I wasn't trying to bust your balls. If I remember correctly you mentioned you were interested in getting into competing. IF you plan on competing in the longboard division, the ESA (if I remember correctly) classifies a longboard as 9' and over. Also, back when I was your age and size I rode and competed on a 9' Mickey Munoz HPLB, which I still have (needs restoring).

It's great if you already have the board and are using it to get your feet wet on something you are not used to riding. However, I think it will soon leave you wanting something longer. Even at your weight, the board may not be designed to ride on or close to the nose--you may end up sinking.

But like I said, if you are just trying something new to have some fun--GO FOR IT! Shoot, I'll ride anything just to mix it up. I think you need a 7" slotted fin with a long rake and some good flex judging by your weight, and move it all the way up in the box. Personally I cannot stand stabilizer fins on a longboard and would avoid them at all costs
hahaha yea man no agro feelings i was literally asking if it was a funboard, thanks for the info. i just got this board to mix up my quiver that right now is all "hp" thrusters(6ft..6ft 2in..6ft 2in..6ft 4in) so this is realy gonna be a change..cant wait for even a little bump to be able to ride it.