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I have about as much concern regarding the beach closures as someone from New Jersey....Which history of the OBX? The last 50 years since automobiles became common on the islands? What about the wildlife and other indigenous peoples who proceeded the major development? I have seen the 50 or so individuals at the protests. Explain to me how closing certain sections of a beach to automobile traffic ,in an area that encompasses hundreds of miles impacts "your way of life". If you understood the ecology of the migratory birds and marine reptiles, I think you would understand the fragility and endangerment. Blue crabs? that's a rather long stretch....I am concerned about the preservation of all ecosystems, including the Chesapeake; and if the topic arose concerning it's state, I would adamantly highlight and defend certain issues.
seeing as i own property there, i have a bit more of a concern about this than your average visitor. but that's besides the point.
how about the fact that pea island didn't exist until it was "built" by the nps w/ dykes & levies...to attract birds that were non-native to the outer banks? that's right...these birds wouldn't even be there if not for the actions of man! or how about the fact that the area was designated as a recreation area, NOT a refuge. or the fact that the nps is actively trapping & killing the natural predators of these bird, claiming that they are invasive species, when in fact their bones are consistently found in archeological digs up & down the obx? or the fact that more of the birds that are supposedly being protected by these closures have been killed by nps rangers & associated personnel than by vacationers & residents driving on the beach combined? hell, most of the birds in question aren't even on the endangered or threatened species lists.
the way this has been handled has been horribly heavy-handed from the outset & the science used to back up these closures don't add up.