Hey there..i am currently living in Germany, and really love to surf, but unfortunately there is no ocean here in germany where i live.
i used to surf in france in the summer, and i am an intermediate surfer, working on cutbacks, turns , etc...

so i want to move to some country with waves...
basically i have three choices where to go:

australia : good waves, but crap government, ( i am an avid hunter and shooter, and all these things are banned in australia)...also australia is f***ing expensive to live.

california: good waves, arrogant universities(gonna be enrolled for the next years), expensive..also californian government basically screwed up their hunting and firearm laws in the past as well...:-(

florida: good hunting & firearm laws, i like the weather

i heard summer surf in florida is pretty weak ?? But how Weak is it exactly ?? if its just a 4 week period with less swell i can deal with it.

i know that i can deal with 1 footers and chop - since i am from germany i am glad if i can take my 6'0" shortboard to water and get some waves at all.

so i dont need 4ft offshore and ****. but there should be some rideable days a week at least.( since florida is fun for hunting etc, i will know what to do on the flat days ).

thanks in advance to you guys, i hope its not to much to read, and would be glad to get some useful answers !