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believe it or not florida has more shark attacks then south africa by far... look it up.
Florida has the most shark attacks followed closely by Horry & Georgetown county South Carolina- it doesn't take a statistician to realize this is a function of the amount of people who are in the water being highest in these two areas combined with the presence of sharks. You have to have both for an attack to be likely: more people or more sharks increases the probability; more people and more sharks does so even more.

Marine biologists say the species that has probobly eaten the most people is the Oceanic Whitetip because throughout history when there has been an accident at sea which resulted in people ending up in the water it's the Whitetips that show up to eat.

All this being said I'm more concerned about me or my loved ones being mauled or killed by the "sweet, loving and misunderstood" Pitbulls that every clown feels they must own nowadays.