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    All of Florida is shark infested

    I grew up surfing there, and the 4 ft spinner sharks would be jumping out of the water but we would still stay, people leave when they see something in the 6-8 ft range, which is usually a hammerhead or bull.

    I would say the best place to surf would be the central east coast, from New Smyrna to the space coast, all the way down close to Palm Beach county. Go to and check out the pics in the forums to get an idea of waves during springtime.

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    That doesnt sound to bad. I guess the hard part is the guessing "how many days in average are surfable per week" in the summertime !

    As i understand it, and if i interprete the pics right, there is surf in summer, but not that often, so it might be flat for some days.

    and you have to get used to 1 footers and onshore.

    thanks for the answers, by the way :-).

    ahh..before i forget: if i move to florida, the area will be cocoa beach/melbourne !

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    Sharks are an issue, but like one of the previous guys said, usually you just get nipped..... I totally just jinxed myself. Oh well. I have seen sharks down there and have been spooked and gotten out of the water when it is real fishy and murky. Other than that, Florida is great and summers are really hot!

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    I wouldn't be worried about sharks if I went to Oz. I'd be worried about box jellyfish. google those little phuckers if you don't know what they are

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    Fun right now..just got home from Jensen Beach...slight chop ..i thought it was going to be choppier..should clean up more with the tide change..

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    stay in Germany...go surf here

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    No, If you go surf anywhere there's sharks, But FL is good year around ( Besides the flat spells) But there is always something surfable at the right sandbar. or tide.

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    There has been a full week of good swell, Surf everyday. But then there's sometimes when there's no swell all week.

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    Quote Originally Posted by super fish View Post
    im pretty sure if he picked california, austrailia, and florida, he has had to think about sharks sometime...those are the sharkiest places minus south africa and the northwest
    believe it or not florida has more shark attacks then south africa by far... look it up.

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    yeah i know i was just saying those places are also very sharky. i have read that florida is the worse, but the others have more great white attacks that tend to be deadly..but then again a bull or tiger are just as bad. speaking of, i had a nice sized fish run straight into my a$$ the other day, thought a chunk was going to be missing. it wasnt big, maybe a 5-10 pound fish but it had some force to freak me out. the guy i was with had the same thing happen to him about 10 minutes later.