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    Thumbs down What is the reason for the extreme level of attitude along the southern west coast?

    This post was my first and last. I found the experience less than informative.

    I grew up surfing on Pensacola Beach: I gave up the sport and gave away all my boards over 12 years ago upon finding myself moving to the flattest coast in pursuit of a better economic situation.

    Last May I made an error while vacationing on Pensacola Beach. I surfed for an entire week and consequently reawakened a long repressed desire within myself, the unquenchable desire to ride waves and to pass on the joy of the afore mentioned sport to my 12 year old daughter.

    Imagine my surprise when I paddled out for the first time in southwest Florida into knee high wind slop to find an attitude reminiscent of that which one might expect at some world class break! I was honestly floored, jaw agape, as it were.

    On April 5, 2012 I surfed in waist to shoulder high ground swell at Juno Pier with offshore conditions. While the main peak was tense the locals behaved in a civilized and over all respectful manner toward fellow surfers. The only incident I observed occurred when a fisherman purposely set his hook into a surfers leg. Literally on the flip-side. The next day I paddled out beside Naples pier into blown-out ankle high crap, no doubt evidence of an unbridled addiction. What did I find but an assemblage of the rudest, self-important "kooks" one could imagine. I do not use the term "kook" to disparage their surfing abilities, which I freely admit outstrip my own, only the atmosphere which by their own choice they created. I am sure that, given an open face, one or two would impress most, and it just so happens that these were the instigators of this self-same idiocy. Can anyone imagine the stupidity of coming to blows over surf of such low quality?

    I suppose my docility is a product of age, as I ran with a rough crowd in my youth.

    What is the reason for the extreme level of attitude along the southern west coast?

    Surfing is, or so I thought, supposed to be about having fun! No-doubt I should brace myself for an onslaught of childish retorts, but what is in the line-up must necessarily start on dry land!
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