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    How should i repair this?

    I was surfing today in some head high stuff and took a bad nose dive, this is what i found when i came up, and i was missing some fins, the boards epoxy i was just wondering if yall had some tips on how to fix it, thanks.
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    Pictures are fuzzy, doesn't look EPS looks poly...

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    the rail is like flattend up near the nose, the class has come off the foam and is sorta coming of the deck. I was thinking i would sand off all the loose cloth and glass and put some epoxy on it, i was just wondering if i would need o put cloth on it or just resin. And im pretty sure its poly

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    Just take it to a good ding repair person, it doesn't sound like you really know what you're doing or talking about. I think the outcome will be disastrous if you try to fix it yourself....

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    You will need to remove all broken cracked glass around the area. And make sure you know if it is epoxy or poly. Resin. You can put epoxy over poly but not vice versa. You will need cloth I recommend 6 oz. You never should do a repair without cloth. Sand the surrounding area with 60 grit so you get a good mechanical bond. Glass 2" at least around the ding. Since it is a rail ding your board is now structurally weaker. So I it was me I would lam over the whole
    Nose again just to make sure. Although you don't need to for water tightness. Eventually if it buckles it will buckle there. Fill whatever are you scratch or gauge out with q cell. Laminate over area. Feather edges. Hot coat. Sand smooth. Have fun surf it.

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    Did you build that one yourself?

    Like A2 said, you gotta cut away all damaged glass on that one. Reshape the rail if it's bulging and add filler material where needed. The filler material I would use would be microballoons to thicken the resin, save weight, and make the filler easy to sand to match the shape of the rail. Glass over all exposed areas, lapping onto good existing (sanded) glass. 6oz will be easier, but I prefer multiple layers of 4oz... first patch just fitting into the non-glassed area like a puzzle piece, and the second lapping over onto the surrounding glass. You can even put a third over that if you think it needs it, or if you have to build up the area to re-create the rail foil. Fair the edges, hotocat, sand.
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