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    vb saturday - giant schools of fish in the lineup

    anybody else experience the giant schools of fish ram-rodding into you on saturday afternoon??? not sure what kind of fish they were, but the dolphins were going crazy. I was out for an hour on the north end, and never went more than a minute or so without a fish ramming my leg or board....kind of freaky

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    I noticed it on Sunday, and dolphins were frequently breaching a few feet away from me trying to corral the schools of fish to the surface.

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    How big of fish are we talking about? Could have been a lot of things really. This time of year fish that go east or south for the winter are moving back into the bay.

    I'd guess it was one of the drum species: croaker, spot, puppy drum or some small black drum. Could have been big reds or blacks as well. Bluefish and trout are also migrating back into the bay in big schools right now.

    The dolphins might have been picking them off as they were in tight schools moving into the bay. A prime feeding opportunity.

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    Glass minnows. You're fine as long as the Dolphin are around.

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    Can't say I really noticed it around Dam Neck Sat. I'd been working all night and running off about 3 hours sleep so I probably wasn't even paying attention. Fun little waves coming thru on Sat though.

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    When I lived in Florida, there were tons of bate fish that would flop on your board. Tons at Sebastian.
    Just remember, where there are schools of little fish, there are likely bigger fish feeding on them.

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    EXACTLY. that's all i could think about when i was in the water. LOTS of dorsal fins swirling just outside the lineup as well....i kept telling myself they were all dolphin fins...but you never know...

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    this time of year it was likely schools of menhaden, which are referred to as 'bunker' up north. Schools get pretty dense in the late fall thru early spring with fish typically about twice as long as your hand.

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    yep happened to me on the north end

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    didn;t see any in sandbridge. Fun little waves though