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    ME's shorelines...

    I was just glancing at the maps and I notice that there are not a lot of surf reports the further up the coast you go in Maine.
    How is the surf up there? not that Im looking to drive several hours to surf there but was just curious.... probably due to this sweet flat spell we're in... lol.

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    flatness makes you do crazy things............

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    I'm from southern Maine,me and my friends were planning to take a trip up north to try and discover some new spots for about two years know..You're right there's really not a lot of surf reports for up north.I bet there's some crazy spots up there that's not yet discovered..We have some good surf down south though..

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    I used to live in York Beach, Maine a long time ago. There is a ton of great surf up there if you like wearing rubber and willing to explore. Probably one of the last frontiers of surf exploration in the US. If you have a boat even better cause there's a bunch of islands that get the swell above Portland.

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    i am dying to go up there one day... late august/early sept would be an epic roadtrip

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    I wonder if whitey is out in those waters?

  7. I have been interested in doing this for a few years as well. Can't seem to get anyone to pull the trigger and ride along with me, if anyone is interested in taking a trip let me know. I have a 4 wheel drive, a tent, and a job i could care less about...

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    this is an interesting review of the surfbreaks in northern maine.

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    haha i'm glad my two favorite spots are not listed...