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    Yes don't learn to stand in crowd. Can you find a place where you can catch the white water, stand and drop off into deeper water where the wave reforms into a swell? Soft tops i don't know much apout them. Sounds to me like thay might be soft on top with a hard pointy nose. Maybe if you paint it bright fluorescent? If i were to choose a board to run me over it would be a total spong. Also try Proteck Fins.

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    Quote Originally Posted by dougb View Post
    First thanks for the feedback.

    Soft vs Hard - I should have mentioned that the idea of buying a soft top board was more about hitting other people with the board than falling down on it myself.
    As a surfing newbie if I split someones head open with a real board that would be the end of my surfing carrier.

    Also the thought of letting a non-surfing friend try out a real board somewhere there are other people doesn't sound like a smart idea, but with a soft top board it doesn't seem too bad.

    Durability - I see lots of reviews of cheap foam boards that all say the same thing, they don't last and that is why I was willing to spend extra to get a better board that hopefully will last. The LS HD is a heavy duty board that they recommend for surf schools and other "hard users". I thought that would be a best bet for a durable board.

    Hand Me Downs - I have 5 grand-kids, three boys 14, 10, 8 that visit for a month each summer and would love to ride any board. A soft top would make me feel better as a learner board for them.
    If you have to go that route,You might want to go check out the Sunset.Not sure about all softtops but this one does way a ton.I'd rather get hit in the head by a regular board.Probably easier to learn on thou.I would stay away from the Liquid Shredder.My suggestion is the CI Waterhog.I had an 8'6.Great board and an easy paddle.
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