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    For Sale Surfskate

    Slightly used surfskate board. $150. Great condition.

    performs bottom turns and is a great work out/cross trainer. I have a carver so i prefer it because it has more traditional skateboard elements for bank and transition riding.
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    Hey I would be intrested!

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    check their site to get a better idea of what this board does.
    Eastcoast, if you are interested... I live in Southern NJ. I would be about to meet you somwhere in NJ or I could ship it to you if you are willing to pay shipping costs.

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    Hey, very interested. Pm me please!

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    Hey, frankshreds, clear some pm space! Sorry I took so long to reply, Internet problems. Still interested!!!

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    That video is great but unfortunately I can't remember anything between the first 5 seconds and the last 5 seconds.

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    i still have the board, hit me up

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    Your PM box is full haha

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    hit me up on Facebook.