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    where to rent a board in ocean or mission beach

    Going to be in town for a few days and looking to rent a nice surfboard. Any recommendations? Know anywhere that would rent fish, egg's, nice long boards, mini's, etc?

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    Great question. I wanted to ask the same and you reminded me of a similar one I have for the mid atlantic forum.

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    Lee, did you ever find a good place? I leave tomorrow morning.

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    no, I didn't. I leave tonight! From what I can tell, there is no shortage of surf shops in the area. I'll probably just peruse the used boards section and see if I can't strike up a deal to rent it for a couple of days.

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    3689 Mission Blvd
    (between Ostend Ct & Santa Clara Pl)
    San Diego, CA 92109
    (858) 488-9070

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    Go to WindanSea surf shop right in Mission beach. Sort of an old school shop with random crap everywhere. More importantly they rent real board not plastic pop outs. I have rented a few off the rack basically he will rent some he is trying to sell. Super laid back I rent from him everytime i go out there for about 6 years now.

    BTW I have only gotten longboards from him but I am sure he has short boards as well especially Fish.
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