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    Arc and Greenlight are great recommendations for the area you live in. Also, check out Tom Mahady in Wall, NJ. He was referred to me through this site and I am picking up a 6'8", quad fin fish from him at the end of the month. He will definitely take care of you.

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    Hey Surfbum,

    i think one of the main questions that has not been answered yet is what are you currently riding? what dimensions are your boards and what your your specs? There are way to many options out there to just say i want a grovler... try narrowing down dimensions and shapes/sizes you like and as a rider what you prefer or what you want to accomplish riding this board. small wave east coast grovler's are usually a slight single sometimes to vee out the tail, you want to usually go shorter and wider than your standard board. how much depends on your ability and specs. you cant just go by some cookie cutter build that says this board should be 6"-8" shorter and 1" wider... it is a good starting point but no two surfers are the same... every board that is made custom for you should be made for you! not someone else.... just my .02 And Tom Mahady is a great guy and a great shaper.. always look for what you really want because it is out there somewhere!

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    thank you all for your input. I actually plan on stop by or calling you arc after i get some of my exams out of the way. Thanks again guys

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    I have a 5'10" Lost shark quad fin. Great for small jersey waves. Looking to sell it.