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    The Doomswell "Snort"

    This is the Doomswell "Snort" made out of Webster, TX . 5'10 X 22 1/4 X 3" . This board floats like a longboard and surfs like a shorty. Its a twin fin which lets a lot more water mover out the back of the board at a faster pace. Good for the mushy Texas surf. Keeps on gliding through the Luls of the wave and the flats. Super fun and easy to surf on a big day or a small day.

    Check out our Facebook and Youtube videos to see whats going on in the shaping room here in Webster, TX.
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    sick board!! Bet it is really good in typical Texas surf.
    Good to see some sharpers with local knowledge making boards for their region.

    Do you guys have any other boards in stock?

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    Just sold the last board in stock Yesterday! We will have more boards made at the beginning of May for sale. Getting a huge shipment of blanks in next week. Check out our facebook and Youtube Videos. Here are the links. <---------- Episode 1 <------- Episode 2